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Contract for Purchase of a Car

Buyer's Name

Seller's Name



City, State, ZIP

City, State, ZIP



The Seller hereby conveys to the Buyer full ownership and title to the motor vehicle described below:

Description of Motor Vehicle Sold:

Year ___________ Make ________ Model _______

VIN: _______________________________________________

The Buyer hereby agrees to pay the Seller $X on MM/DD/YY, and $Y on the Nth day of each month beginning MM/DD/YY, until all payments made to the Seller total $X.

If Buyer fails to make a payment on or before its due date, a late fee of $X shall be added to the balance due and shall be payable immediately.

Both parties hereby agree that this is an "as-is" sale, with no warranties of any kind expressed or implied.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of ______________ and the County of _________________ and any applicable U. S. laws.

The parties hereby signify their agreement to the terms above by their signatures affixed below:


Buyer's signature, date


Seller's signature, date

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