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Being one of the oldest residential areas, tlos was known as TLAWA in old times. Akropol is established on a summit whose north east is formed by cliffs. Shadowing other historical relics , the castle from anatolian times is said to be constructed by kanli Ali Aga assumed to be reigning the the region in 14th century. Behind the castle some lycian wall relics and an armpant can be seen. fethiye car hire,göcek car hire,dalaman car hire,dalaman airport car hire,

Also on the same summit, some lycian rock tombs also can be eyecathhing. A stadium and rock seats following down are also located on the south of the rampants. Among the relics, a hamam remnants, paleasta and gymnasium relics are also recognisible, Agora of tloss is an area of 9 metre lenght and on the west side of the wall, almost ten doors are present. On the east side fof the area,a well kept theatre and ‘izgara monument’ can be seen. fethiye carrental,dalaman carrental,göcek carrental,çalış beach carrental,