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Patara antique town, It is located on the soutwest edge of fertile Xanthos valley, If you turn towards Gelemis direction, the road will take you to patara in 5km. With the recent findings, some ceramics and coins dating back to VII.century BC were found revealing that the history of Patara goes far beyond. Known as being the birthplace of the God Apollon, it is one of the most important and the oldest cities of ancient Lycia. dalaman airport to fethiye transfer,dalaman airport to çalış beach transfer,dalaman airport to ölüdeniz transfer,üzümlü rent a car,çalış beach rent a car,göcek rent a car,göcek car hire,

After Lukka Military expedition, Hittite king IV. Tudhaliya expresses as follows:’ I ve left invaluable gifts and constructed holly places for you accross the Patar Mountain’ From this fact we conclude that the ancient name for Patara was ‘Patar’, Being the only door to Xanthos valley, the city kept its value for years, For now, we can estimate the age of the town dating to VI. and V.centuries. however, new findings are important to reveal the exact age of the town. Openning the doors to Alexander the Great, it was saved from destruction but in the invasions of Antigonos in 315 BC and Demetrious in 304 BC, it wasnt able to survive. Then, it was captured by Ptolemiaios, Philadelphos and the name ‘Arsinoe’ was given and used for a while. In 190 BC, it is captured by Antiokhos. The term devoted to Patara ‘caput Gentis’ in the meaning of the capital of ancestors, told by Livius in II.century BC, makes it unique among other towns.fethiye car hire,fethiye rent a car,dalaman rent a car,dalaman car hire,dalaman airport rent a car,dalaman airport carrental,üzümlü rent a car